This award winning short film, brings the famous Maasai folktale to animated life...

The humongous and frightful Ogre of the forest, who has a habit of attacking the Maasai village, falls in love with the beautiful young maiden, Sanayian…a story of greed betrayal and courage.

Directed by Kwame Nyong’o. Produced by Wallace Murungi, Al Navaz Amlani, Kwame Nyong’o. Original score by Jim Pywell.

Dur: 9’30”
A collection of various Apes in Space works over the last few years, client work from advertising to motion graphics and character animation.

Directed and produced by Kwame Nyong’o for agencies such as MediaEdge Interactive, ScanGroup, Y + R. Clients including: Kenya Commercial Bank, Trade Mark East Africa, Google, Safaricom Richot, Cadburys, Coca Cola, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, more...

Dur: 2” 12‘
An animated video showcasing the proposed Economic Partnership Agreement between Kenya and the European Union.

Client: European Union Commission, Nairobi Office.

Dur: 7 min